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  1. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    A few tiny scratches, but overall good condition. Asking $10 + shipping (US continental)
    $10 USD
  2. Tiguan (MQB)
    New 2022 SE (NAR), just though its post 600mi breaking in period. Noticed very slght hood movement at about 100mph/160kph while on the autobahn this weekend. Barely noticable but visible when observing oncoming traffic's reflection. Has anyone else experienced this or learned how to adjust...
  3. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hi, I own a 2001 vr6 and the other day I was going around 55mph and my entire hood flipped up onto my windshield cracking it. I am in MN and cannot find parts anywhere for replacements. I need both fenders, struts, fillers,and obviously the hood and windshield. Just wondering if anyone knows...
1-3 of 5 Results