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  1. Polo
    My car has been driven for only 204 km now but just recently it is showing -1 days and 0km for service but the car is working fine.
  2. North East
    I bought my mk7 gti in December last year and the inspection is due next month. I'm in the Lancaster county area. I would love to have an exhaust cutout and I'm searching for an inspection place that would be willing to overlook that. I'd even travel a bit or pay a little extra. As I type this I...
  3. CC
    Hello guys, Can anybody recommend a good mechanic in NJ, I got a fault Code P0491: secondary air injection. I heard that it’s an annoying emission thing Volkswagen uses. Or can a clear the code right before inspection? Or have it deleted from the ecu?
  4. Mid-Atlantic
    Chapman Northeast Volkwagen is officially open at 9371 Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA! To welcome you to our dealership, we’ve prepared a pair of amazing service offers exclusively for VW Vortex users! Our first deal is a discounted State and Emissions Inspection on your VW...
1-4 of 4 Results