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  1. Volkswagen News Blog
    Fast and expensive are two words that instantly come to mind when Lamborghini is mentioned. It’s no secret that these Italian exotics are expensive to maintain and insure, but how much does Lamborghini insurance actually cost? Of course, insurance costs vary depending on where a driver lives...
  2. Volkswagen News Blog
    (Herndon, VA) –VW Credit, Inc. (“VCI”), doing business as Volkswagen Credit, Audi Financial Services and Ducati Financial Services, is pleased to announce the planned introduction of Volkswagen and Audi branded lines of automobile protection products, together with a Ducati branded line of...
  3. Volkswagen News Blog
    The explosion in the Chinese city of Tianjin late last week was devastating on many, many levels.   Current reports from CNN place the death toll at more than 100 people, with another 57 still unaccounted for.  Damage to local infrastructure is also quite serious, as the blast sent shockwaves...
1-3 of 3 Results