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  1. 1.4 TSI Engine Forum
    So I’m looking to install a big bore turbo inlet from a 1.4t mk6 jetta. The new turbo inlet has a barb for pcv but my question is about the stock turbo inlet on the 2021 golf 1.4t DGXA. The stock inlet has two barbs coming off of it. One that leads to pcv and another that comes off the turbo...
  2. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    FOR GTI with FSI engine and year 2006 through 2009. Located in College Park MD, 20740 Call or text: 301-276-0215 for faster response Pick up only unless paying for shipping. Ecs cold air intake with exhaust shield and intake shield with flex coupler.
    $200 USD
  3. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    FOR GTI with FSI engine 2.0T. Located in College Park, MD. 20740 Call or text: 301-276-0215 for faster response. May ship additionally. $110 for the neuspeed Hi-flow charge pipe. In great condition. Wrinkle black and eliminates the OE sound amplifier pipe.
    $110 USD
  4. Golf III/Jetta III Parts
    Hi, looking to buy a pre-‘96 ABA intake boot, it will have two ports instead of only one on the OBD2 boots. Will pick up locally if in the central GA/ATL regions, otherwise I will pay shipping from any part of the U.S.
    $65 USD
  5. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Looking for a closed air intake for my Alltrack MK7. R600…? AMS…? UNI…? …? Preferably cotton filter over foam. Am cool with lightly used, as long as it’s in good condition and the lid is not all scuffed and scratched up. Carbon or OEM style is cool, fine with either. Secondary air integrated...
    $1 USD
  6. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    All parts off a 16’ GTI with 25k mi. Many were installed for less than 10k miles. All parts in excellent condition. Pictures available upon request. Forge Motorsport Carbon Fiber Intake and Red Silicone Pipe $450 Corsa Performance Sport Exhaust $1,000 VW OEM European Fog Light Switch $50 VW...
    $100 USD
  7. Passat (B3 & B4)
    What are some recommended intakes?
  8. Passat B7 Parts
    Used NEUSPEED P-FLO Air Intake Kit with 4-Pin MAF sensor extension and paper air filter. This is for a 2012-2014 Passat TDI CKRA. I bought it a few years ago and ran it for about 10-15k miles then went with a different setup. Comes with everything pictured. I would buy a new filter though...
    $175 USD
  9. Jetta VII Parts
    Located at Scott AFB IL (62225), however if you live between there and Michigan or there and Texas I may be able to arrange personal drop-off as I'll be between those two locations soon. If you want them shipped, you will have to pay shipping cost. These will be taken off the car in about...
    $0 USD
  10. Golf/GTI VII
    I recently purchased the cotton filter replacement for my R600 intake and I can't determine if it's oiled or not. On the packaging there is some red oily residue, but the filter itself feels very dry. Is this filter designed to be cleaned and re-oiled? Most of the information I could find...
  11. Golf V & Jetta V
    I'm trying to remove the intake temp sensor (Part #: 07K906081) but I can't find instructions anywhere, not even the service manual.
  12. Golf V & Jetta V
    I am planning on doing a complete cleaning on my entire intake all the way to the valves. I was looking at brush kits on Amazon and was wondering if these would cause damage to the valves or what the chances of me causing damage are. Here is the kit- https://a.co/d/hSRYGRH I will obviously use...
  13. Golf/GTI VII
    Wrapped the MST Intake with some DEI Reflect-A-GOLD. Came out great.
  14. A3, S3, RS3 (MQB, 8V) Parts
    works perfect, decided to go with the open air version. call or text 347 449 9772 no shipping local pickups in Atlanta only
    $350 USD
  15. Jetta VII
    I’m looking to replace the air box in my 21 SE with just a cone filter off the intake piping. What size would I need? I could do trial and error but I’d rather save the money and stress.
  16. Golf R (VII) Parts
    Selling the R so I've got the IE catted downpipe, IE intake without carbon cover and turbo inlet pipe for sale. Price down below. Pics coming soon. Parts have been on the car maybe a year, if that, and were brand new previous to that. Downpipe: $650 plus shipping (would prefer local) Intake &...
    $650 USD
  17. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    Continuing to unpimp my GTI. Need the below (circled). Green: my air intake pipe is broken; one clip is missing. Orange: I have the snorkel part but not what it connects to up by the radiator support. Blue: the timing belt cover on the cover piece. LMK if you have these, shipped to...
    $1 USD
  18. Jetta/GLI VI
    This is a bit of a hard explanation. I just installed a cts turbo open box intake into my 2016 GLI. Install was smooth but immediately after, whenever I hit boost I would start hearing a loud squealing sound, no it’s no the turbo whistle or anything, a squeal. I went through and tightened the...
  19. CC
    Just as the title described. have a 2013 vw cc 2.0t that threw the infamous p2015 code. My car is at about 119k miles and I know the extended warranty for the intake only covers me to 120k, so I took it to the dealer right away. They had my car for 19 DAYS before telling me what their diagnostic...
  20. Golf VII R
    So I’m in a bit of a pickle right now with my whole intake system. I bought the ie inlet pipe wich has an absolutely huge 3 inch inlet diameter and comes with a silicone adapter to fit it to the stock hose. But that is a temporary solution because I couldn’t imagine I’m even getting any sort of...
1-20 of 115 Results