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  1. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Car started to misfire at start up so I brought it in and was told it was carbon build up and it also had a bad diverted valve. Got that stuff fixed and now it’s still shaky but just had horrible shake when I went to put the car in drive. Only does it when applying brake pressure in park and...
  2. Passat (B6)
    Hey guys, having a really big issue. My gas is droping quite a bit while the car is off and parked. There's no leaks on the ground and no smell that it's leaking anywhere in the front. Have no codes poping up or anything just noticed this few days ago. So I was at 1/4 and withing a hour of my...
  3. Jetta VII
    Hi everyone, I need help assessing what my problem is on my car. My 2020 GLI is Integrated Engineering Stage 1, DSG tune, CAI, & turbo inlet pipe. Also full exhaust by AWE. I began noticing more issues after just recently Installing torque arm/ dogbone mount this is the issue. Noticed when...
1-3 of 3 Results