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  1. Golf/GTI VII
    I installed Burger Tuning's JB4 on my bone stock M/T GTI one year ago. I read a lot about how my clutch would be slipping in no time, but a year later my clutch is perfectly fine! This tune makes this car a blast when you feel like putting your foot down! Granted, first gear doesn't really...
  2. Passat (B7)
    Hello all! I just recently picked up a 2019 Passat R Line 2.0 and am looking for options to tune. I'd really like to avoid voiding my warranty so I was looking at a JB4. Recommendations?
  3. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    VW JB4 Performance Tuner for all 1.8T Excellent tuning solution, used to great effect on our 2019 Golf Sportswagen and later removed for trade-in purposes. $479 new, priced well used. https://burgertuning.com/collections/volkswagen/products/group-3-jb1-jb4-vw-ea888
    $225 USD
  4. Golf/GTI VII
    just spitballing here but on the classifieds i saw a gli owner saying that his jb4 would work on a 1.8 or even golf r with the map 6 adapted respectively. any info on this? looking to go is20 dp and jb4 however i cant seem to find any used jb4's for the 1.8 ea888.3
  5. Passat (B7)
    Edit: SOLD Hello Everybody, I'm selling my JB4 that I used on my 2019 Passat for about 5,000 miles. I loved the power it gave, but now I'm thinking of getting rid of my Passat, so it's time to sell it. I'm asking $370 OBO shipped to the continental US. I also have this listed on eBay where I...
  6. Jetta VII
    parting ways with my 2019 jetta CTS catless downpipe with o2 spacer, used about 1000 miles - $280 willing to ship at buyers expense. Burger Motorsports JB4 with bluetooth adapter, also used about 1000 miles - $320 willing to ship at buyers expense LOCAL PICKUP ZIP CODE 08863 NEW JERSEY
  7. Golf VII R
    Hi guys, As the title says I zip tied the JB4 plug D cables to one of the coolant hoses that sits below plug D (behind the alternator fans). I did this to ensure that the wires did not accidentally move into the alternator fans. I believe it should be ok, but the coolant hose does get a bit...
  8. Jetta VII
    What octane fuel would I need to run for either of those ? I can only get e85/87 locally gotta drive a half hour for 89/91/93
  9. Jetta VII
    I heard the jb4 isn’t detectable by the dealer how much power gain can I expect to get on a 21 GLI with a intake and exhaust? Also it’s a manual so willI I need to upgrade the clutch? I don’t know much about the jb4 as this is my first Volkswagen, any help is appreciated
  10. VW Motorsport
    for sale because I switched platforms, only put 8k miles on car with tune, comes with box. email me [email protected]
  11. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    - Group 10: JB4 for VW/Jetta/Audi/Seat/Skoda EA211 1.2 & 1.4 Comes with all wires needed to install. $275 shipped
  12. Jetta VII
    Does anyone get any of the real time readings other than RPM, boost and Intake air temp? I'd like to be able to monitor other sensor data but nothing else seems to be available.
  13. Passat (B7)
    This is my way of doing a case study on the durability of the Tiptronic automatic transmission, but it's also fun to see everybody's cars. I'll start. 2019 Wolfsburg with 11,800 miles. JB4 "tuned" at about 10,900. Shot this on some cheap 35mm film on a point and shoot camera.
  14. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    JB4 with Bluetooth and Data Cable for sale. I had this on my MK7 GTI while the car was under factory warranty. Everything you need is included and in very good condition. I ran Map 1 for a few months and then developed two custom Map 6 tunes - One for 91 octane and another for E30. Amazing how...
  15. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Zelle is preferred, open to Paypal BMS JB4 with Bluetooth Group 2: VW EA888 Gen3 MQB 2.0T for 210hp, 220hp and 230hp I installed it on my 2016 GTI SE w/ PP in mid 2019, took it off the car when I traded in for a C7. Rather than positap my AFR wire I ordered a harness to leave all engine bay...
  16. Passat B7 Parts
    I have a like-new JB4 plug and play tuner with bluetooth for sale. This was used on my 2017 VW Passat (1.8t B7). I bought and installed this device in late May and was on my car for less than 6 months. The reason i am selling is because i have no use for it since i hardly drive my car now due...
  17. 1.4 TSI Engine Forum
    Hello, from the title I own a 2016 Jetta 1.4 T. I am just trying to figure out how to go about my build. So far I have Uni tonics Cold Air Intake Unitronic Cold Air Intake System | 1.4 TSi EA211 - Sprint Booster which reduces factory pedal lag and gives the feel of the cars power (this is not...
  18. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Ran the JB4 on my 18 GTI for 3 months. Loved the extra power and the gauges for monitoring. Just upgraded to eqt stage 1 so don't need this anymore. One clip has a missing tab\clip. Wasn't an issue while I ran it, but worth mentioning. This has the AFR wire and Bluetooth kit hooked up already...
  19. Canadian Classifieds Parts
    Slightly used JB4 Piggyback module taken off my 2016 Golf R after using it for the summer months. Selling since I hardly drive the car (Thanks a lot 2020 for the pandemic = car sitting in garage!!!) PM me if interested. (Markham, ON - GTA)
1-20 of 27 Results