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  1. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Used Whiteline Front Adjustable Endlinks,on Mk7.5 for 3k miles Asking $90
  2. Arteon
    So it seems that the Eibach pro-kit springs are the favored set to go with when you want to lower your Arteon for an affordable price. So what did I do? I went with H&R springs. I will say though that I'm a big fan of Eibach pro-kits. I've installed them on several of my cars in the past and...
  3. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hey, Looking to lower my car with coilovers. Do I need to think about changing anything else? Or can I just buy the coils and plug and play type of thing?? It's going to be driven once or twice weekly. Thank you
  4. Golf/GTI VII
    So I have just bought a dcc equiped 2015 Golf 7 GTI, the car came with ST Coilovers and KW DCC delete kit. The car drives fine and the ride is great, but when I corner hard it will throw an AFS Fault on the dash, sometimes followed by a suspension fault message, this annoys me because it will...
  5. Jetta VII
    I just installed lowering springs and have a very slight rub on hard dips in the rear. Has anyone rolled their fenders and have photos of what it looks like after? The current fenders are so straight so Im nervous it'll look weird.
  6. Volkswagen News Blog
    Who doesn’t love a Beetle? Unhappy people, that’s who. It’s always a favorite, but lately the fashion has been to lower them, improve their stance, and add roof racks. This car, forum user Johnmacd’s 1967 Beetle, satisfies all three of those requirements and more. Johnmacd’s Beetle is blue and...
  7. Volkswagen News Blog
    There was a time when your car was basic. Boring. Forgettable. A dark time. But all that has changed now, because you’re behind the wheel of your very own golden Golf. Or you should be, because today’s find of the day is a golden brown 1996 four door Mk3 Golf from Norfolk, Virginia . The...
  8. Volkswagen News Blog
    When your older siblings are both cult icons as two of the longest-running and highest selling vehicles of all time, it's hard to match their impact.  This unavoidable fact places the Type 3 in a very interesting place within the Volkswagen enthusiast scene, helping this example to earn Find of...