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  1. Golf I & Jetta I
    I'm bored at work today, so I guess I'll make a thread about what I did during quarantine while my brain turned into soup. Luckily, my mental health has recovered for the most part. My wallet has not (see my jetta build thread). Months before disaster, late in 2019, I picked up this little...
  2. Golf I/Jetta I Parts
    Looking for a little to no rust hatch for my Mk1 Rabbit preferably with glass.
  3. Golf I & Jetta I
    Looking for a rear hatch for my rabbit with little to no rust, preferably with the glass.
  4. Golf I & Jetta I
    Has anyone fit a center console from later years or generations into their mk1? I'm having a hard time finding year-correct pieces in the right color...
  5. Cabriolet
    I’m working on an ‘81 rabbit convert. with a 1.7L gas engine and 30mm water pump pulley. After replacing the water pump twice (leaking housing on the original pump found after replacement of the bad pump), I drove the car about 50 miles and it threw the belt about a minute from home. I noticed...
  6. Golf I & Jetta I
    Hey all, I have an 84 GTi that I've slowly been fixing. At first the exciter circuit wasn't working, which was a lot of our problem, until I replaced the radio fuse a few nights ago. Last night we buckled it back up and voila, it started charging with a very responsive needle. Read good voltage...
  7. Golf I/Jetta I Parts
    mk1 H&R coilovers Good condition no leak oil ready to used (if you don't buy keep your comments)
  8. Golf I & Jetta I
    Hello all, This is my first post on here. I've been looking for a mk1 rabbit for a while now and I recently found one for sale that's got a lot positives, but one big negative: rust issues. Normally, I try to stay away from cars with too much rust, but I wanted to know what your experience has...
1-8 of 8 Results