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  1. Canadian Classifieds Parts
    MK1 Cabriolet hatch. Includes strut, don't es not include lock or keys. Painted beige, no rust.
    $50 CAD
  2. For Sale Please Delete

    Golf I/Jetta I Cars
    Please delete, car is going up on carsandbids
    $1 USD
  3. Hybrid/Swap Forum
    Hey guys, I'm swapping a 24v 2.8 VR6 into my caddy. I sent the motor out to be built and besides the wiring/ecu/engine/transmission what else should i take off the donor car? https://ibb.co/qrD8pfp https://ibb.co/x1kWqkF https://ibb.co/XpMVJ8w https://ibb.co/1zGJq1w https://ibb.co/VxcZ85P...
  4. 4x100 Classifieds
    I have a set of 5 Ronal Votex Starburst wheels. They are in decent shape, one is rough from falling out of my spare holder in my Caddy. There is a bit of curb burn on the other ones, but nothing drastic. I will ship them if you want, but buyer covers shipping costs, I will drive to deliver them...
    $500 USD
  5. For Sale Please Delete

    Midwest Cars
    Please delete, car going up on carsandbids
    $1 USD
  6. Golf I & Jetta I
    Hello! I am looking for a solution to plug the coolant line in the head on my caddy 1.8 k-jet. I am replacing the CIS system with an weber, and the new intake from Misab doesnt have the coolant line. I have been searching for an answer without finding a good solution. Does anyone have any...
  7. TDI and Diesel Forum
    I recently picked up a 1984 1.6 Diesel Rabbit. It will start (with a lot of throttle pumping), but will only idle for a few minutes on its own before gradually stalling out. I can drive it, and as long as I keep giving it fuel, it will keep running. But if I come to a stop sign, I have to...
  8. Golf II & Jetta II
    If anyone with a 3d printer is looking for center caps for their P slot wheels, there is an .STL file posted on Cults3D: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/vw-pirelli-center-cap The price is quite steep at $40 Canadian but it printed very well and fits perfectly. Test print was done in...
  9. Golf I/Jetta I Parts
    I have a bunch of bins that I'm finally selling. Please contact me with any questions on price, or if you are looking for items not photographed. There's a good chance I have what you're looking for somewhere. Ashtrays Gti air dams Consoles Glass Interior Vents Fuel lines Tons of other goodies!
    $50 USD
  10. Golf I & Jetta I
    Hello, does anyone have recommendations on where to find louvres for a 1982 Rabbit? Thanks!
  11. Golf I & Jetta I
    I've got an '82 rabbit and the fuse box has absolutely fallen down! I'll attach pictures it's quite the mess 🤦 wondering if there are some sort of clips or bracket that holds the fuse box that I should be trying to click it back into. (I did not do any of the wiring in this car and it would be a...
  12. Cabriolet and Cabrio Parts
    Price is not $1 I honestly don’t know a fair price. I’ll have pictures up shortly. I have a full clipper kit from a 92 cabriolet I believe the color name is green pearl and it’s all complete in good condition minus one rear flare needing repaired and the whole kit could use some good body work...
    $1 USD
  13. Golf I/Jetta I Cars
    I have a 1981 volkswagen jetta coupe. It has been complety gutted and sand blasted, only double coated with paint nothing fancy has blemishes, full roll cage, and has spare tire pan cut out and a aluminum fuel cell mounted in its place nicely. Car has tons of parts and is ready to be assembled...
    $6,500 USD
  14. Golf I/Jetta I Cars
    Looking diligently for a Mk1 Rabbit with VR6 Motor Miami Blue (preferred) but I wont discriminate if the vehicle is clean and fairly rust free Cash in hand and ready to purchase
  15. Golf I/Jetta I Parts
    Hi all, as title says I’m looking to buy the front and rear driver side doors off an early Mk1 rabbit. Any leads or directions to where to buy are helpful as well, I’ve been searching for months. MUST be pre 1979, doors with the two bolt hinge
  16. 4x100 Classifieds
    Selling my wheel and tire setup from my MK2 Jetta (suspension is also available) Wheels: 13x5.5 et18 Refinished by previous owner Tires: 175/70/13 Ironman Lots of treadwear left (see picture) Located in Northern VA, I’ll throw in my stock struts + H&R lowering springs for $50
    $325 USD
  17. Golf I & Jetta I
    Hi All, Long time VW owner, first time poster. I bought a mk1 caddy with a VR6 engine swap, but the engines sit so low. I would like to lower my caddy more, is there any way to raise the engine or modify in a way that allows a low ride height? Thanks
  18. Cabriolet
    Looking in my engine bay, I see this. Any ideas on where it should go? It seems to come out of the firewall, below the clutch where I can't see. To note: -I am missing my factory air box -all three of my center cluster triple gauge panel gauges and lights stopped working one day after someone...
  19. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hi All, Long time VW owner, first time poster. I bought a mk1 caddy with a VR6 engine swap, but the engines sit so low. I would like to lower my caddy more, is there any way to raise the engine or modify in a way that allows a low ride height? Thanks Kyle
  20. Golf I & Jetta I
    So today I bought a 1981 rabbit with the 1.6 diesel in it, the guy I bought it from had a rigged wire leading from the battery to the first glow plug, I got under the dash into the fuse box and located the relay, there are two wires that are disconnected from the socket (pictures shown) a...
1-20 of 230 Results