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  1. Scirocco
    I’m wondering what size the fuel lines are specifically around the right rear wheel.A section of the fuel line has rusted and now it’s leaking. I’m looking to buy some replacement line to fix the leak but I’m unsure what size the line is
  2. Golf II/Jetta II Parts
    Came off of MK2 Jetta Ride was great, only selling because I switched to coilovers Local pickup in Northern VA or will ship at buyers expense!
    $45 USD
  3. Golf II & Jetta II
    I Finally did it! 1,5 years in the making but I finally did it. I made the factory mk2 a/c system work with my AQN VR5 Engine (190bhp chipped). My goal was to get the A/C working again after I swapped my golf to be a VR5 but it turned out to be quite the challenge. I ended up using a mix...
  4. Scirocco
    I have not been able to find any information on how to remove the hand brake lever for my Scirocco. Any info is much appreciated. Here are some pictures of both sides of the hand brake (mine is still mounted in the car so nobody gets confused).
  5. Golf II & Jetta II
    Hey! My Golf 2's front subframe was very rusty and I bought Golf 3's vr6 subframe but I want to install 1.6d on that subframe.. Can someone tell me that is there any mk3 gearboxes, what are with same gearbox mount bolt pattern as mk2 1.6d gearbox mounts? Thank you!
  6. Golf II/Jetta II Parts
    I know its a long shot, but i am looking for a syncro rear beam assembly either from a mk2 or mk3. Preferably with the disc wishbones. If you happen to have just the beam, axles, disc wishbones i might be interested as well. I'm located in CA. I added a picture of what it looks like for anyone...
  7. Golf I/Jetta I Cars
    I have a 1981 volkswagen jetta coupe. It has been complety gutted and sand blasted, only double coated with paint nothing fancy has blemishes, full roll cage, and has spare tire pan cut out and a aluminum fuel cell mounted in its place nicely. Car has tons of parts and is ready to be assembled...
    $6,500 USD
  8. 16v Engine Forum
    I just purchased a 2.0 16V turbo from a 1992 Jetta GTX (9A? throttle body is on transmission side)to swap into my 1992 Jetta GL running Digi 2. It has a TD05H turbo, big valves, cams, low compression pistons and is intercooled. I estimate the engine makes about 230hp because it ran a 12 second...
  9. Body Work, Body Styling and Body Kits
    What years of Jetta / Golf Sedan glass fit on the 1985 Mk2? I've called so many places trying to find the exact part but no luck. Before I go to pick and pull I need some help identifying what years would fit. Do all Mk2 Jetta glass fit the same? I'm fairly new to VW. Any help would be...
  10. Golf II & Jetta II
    Have a '85 Jetta GL and some homeless dude came by and smashed rear windshield with a hammer and kept walking. Near Portland, OR and willing to come pick up or pay for shipping.
  11. Golf II/Jetta II Parts
    Year:1989 Make:Volkswagen Model:Jetta Mileage:N/A Transmission:Manual Engine:1.6d Trim:base Looking for a roof rack that fits my MK2, located in Northern VA
  12. 4x100 Classifieds
    Selling my wheel and tire setup from my MK2 Jetta (suspension is also available) Wheels: 13x5.5 et18 Refinished by previous owner Tires: 175/70/13 Ironman Lots of treadwear left (see picture) Located in Northern VA, I’ll throw in my stock struts + H&R lowering springs for $50
    $325 USD
  13. Golf II & Jetta II
    SF Bay Area Hi all, Hope this is okay to post here, selling my 91 mk2 GTI :( The previous owner slapped a 16V badge on the hatch, this is an 8V 1991 MK2 Golf GTI 1.8L engine 5 Speed manual transmission Registered NON-OP Car does start and run, but will need to be towed. DOES NOT PASS SMOG...
  14. Golf II & Jetta II
    I Recently finished my year-long Jetta build, and it's wonderful. It drives great and has ice cold AC. Perfect. A few little irritations, but all around, I'm over the moon about it. It's just an ABA with AC, PS, a 12" sub and wolfsburg edition interior. The paint isn't perfect, but she's a...
  15. Golf II & Jetta II
    So i swapped to the quad grill and am trying to set up the inner headlights. I was told to wire them to my low beams, and they worked at initial setup, but an hour after, I went to turn them on and it keeps blowing the fuse. Ive tested on it a bit and found that the passenger side is whats...
  16. Pacific Northwest Parts
    Not sure what they go for but looking for a replacement. Really only need the driver side but will buy both! Willing to travel a bit.
    $100 USD
  17. 1.8T Engine Forum
    Hello newbie here, do 1.8t engines out of a mk4 have the same motor mount locations as a 1.8 out of a mk2 GTI engine or am I way off. Only reason I ask this is because there is an engine swap kit for a VR6 and a 2.5l for an mk2 on fablessmanufacturing but no 1.8t swap kit Thanks
  18. 4x100 Classifieds
    Like many looking for a set of 4 p slot center caps I recently bought center caps for 6 spoke vw rims that looked very similar but once I tried the hub size was a bit smaller. Any help would be great part number below. 191601149A
    $100 USD
  19. Golf II & Jetta II
    Is there anyone that sells 1.8L long blocks I know I can find a ton of air cooled aftermarket engines but I cannot find any 1.8L stuff. Is my best bet looking on marketplace and Ebay?
  20. Golf II & Jetta II
    Hello all, The glow plug light on the dash of my 1989 1.6 NA Diesel MK2 recently went out. At first I thought it was a faulty bulb, but I noticed the car having significant trouble cold starting in slightly colder weather. I planned on following Vince Waldon's troubleshooting guide (HOW-TO...
1-20 of 203 Results