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  1. Golf VI R
    I have a used BFI stage 3+ clutch for the 6R, i had it on my car for roughly 2500-3000 miles. It didnt see any hard driving at all(due to me being on a base map and breaking my motor in as well). clutch is good for roughly 450 ft lbs according to BFI's website. Reason for me selling is the...
  2. Golf VI R
    Hi would anyone know why my DSG gearbox clutch would only be slipping in fifth gear? it only happens when I flat foot it but when I roll into the accelerator it doesn’t seem to slip
  3. Golf VI R
    is anyone selling a black (or any color) but preferably black bumper for a 6R? I cracked mine up in the snowstorm yesterday and I’m in desperate need for a new one.
  4. Golf VI R
    Can anyone tell me what these two lines are for my evap system. Ones loose and causing a vacuum leak. I dont wanna go trying to push it back on before I know what it is. Cheers
  5. Golf VI R
    Hey everyone! This month’s container arrived here at Griffin Motorwerke earlier this week. We currently have systems in stock and ready to ship. Please contact your local Milltek dealer/ installer or check us out at http://www.G-Werke.com for more details. Also, be sure to watch out for us...
1-5 of 5 Results