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  1. Golf VII R
    Hey everyone, Pretty much since November last year, I've been trying to chase down the cause of the vibrations & noise I've been getting. It's driving me nuts, making me feel like something major on the car is gonna fail on me. The car has 87k miles on it with the latest oil change, DSG...
  2. Golf VII R
    Hello! Name's Sam. Short intro. I'm a long time lurker and long time VW fan. I had a Mk4 Golf for the longest time and it finally kicked the dust. In January, I replaced it with a Mk 7 Golf R. I love it. I spend a lot of my free time window shopping for car parts, and now I'm wondering... Is...
  3. Golf VII R
    Hey everyone, I have a chance coming up to get a new Southbend Stage 3 Daily clutch installed on my 2016 Golf R. The car is basically stock besides an intake and I know if I get this clutch put in, I can put well past Stage 1 power down in this car. Before I bought this car, I specifically...
  4. Golf VII R
    Hello! First time poster here. I just purchased a 2016 golf r with DCC which is lowered an inch on H&R lowering springs. While the car looks great lowered I'm interested in raising the car up 1.0-1.5 inches above stock as I like to go backpacking, mountain biking, and snowboarding on the...
  5. Golf VII R
    Hello! I'm just wanting to see people's thoughts on the best coilovers for the MK7 Golf R for daily driving and taking to the track on the weekends or going through corners and curves with a good amount of speed. Im looking into getting some for my R, but I don't know what to get.
1-5 of 5 Results