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  1. Golf/GTI VII
    Hi guys, I am new to the GTI thing. Hope anyone can steer me to the right direction, so when accelerating with throttle full the car on round about 4000rmp shows a traction light on the dash and then it feels like the car is restricting it for a split second and then back to normal, and also it...
  2. 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 3) Engine Forum
    Hi so I have a 2015 mk7 gti and I recently got a P0335 code saying my crankshaft sensor is bad anyone have any ideas where the sensor is located?
  3. 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 3) Engine Forum
    Hello all! I've been suffering with an issue for a couple of weeks now on my 2017 GTI, i dealt with this a while back and swapped out my plugs and coils and it stopped but unfortunately has returned. So i'm seeking guidance in what to do next. i returned from a trip to Tail of The Dragon in...
  4. Golf/GTI VII
    If there is one already please delete but i'd like to see some Mk7's with aftermarket wheels. The stock 18's are terrible and will be the first to go for me. Feel free to post up any good pics you have. One of the wheels i'm looking at, Enkei RS05RR
  5. Golf/GTI VII
    My left rear taillight blinker recently went out. When I went to change the bulb, the bulb holder/socket seems to have melted down (to the point where the bulb can't even be pryed out) I'm wondering if I change the bulb holder with new parts if it'll just melt again and cause the bulb-blowing...
  6. Golf/GTI VII
    2016 MIB II infotainment System on an 2015 GTI I have a 2015 GTI Autobahn with the MIB I Infotainment System. Can anyone please tell me at this time if I will will be able to buy an MIB II infotainment System and install it on my 2015 VW GTI? Thank you.
  7. Jetta VII
    Does anyone know if the Racing Line carbon fiber rear chassis brace will fit a mk7 Jetta GLI?? ill link the chassis brace at the bottom. Its supposed to fit the golf estate's as well as the Jetta alltrack so i think it should fit the GLI as well. LMK...
  8. Forced Induction
    Im currently planning to upgrade my turbo and ive got some questions. Im currently stage 2 on my stock IS20 and as of right now the plan is to upgrade to the Shuenk IS38+ turbo along with a proton and the supporting mods. Ive heard bad things about a basic IS38, is it true? Ive also heard some...
  9. Midwest Parts
    ISO 3” DP for 2016 GTI. Let see what y’all got!
  10. Golf/GTI VII
    Does anyone know how to get battery voltage either on the instrument cluster or the MIB display? I have obdeleven, but don't see it as one of their apps.
  11. Golf/GTI VII
    It came in the mail today, took 14 days since I ordered, so a week earlier than I expected. I'll be keeping this thread open and updated as I go. I did have some very basic experience with VAG COM 4 years ago with my A4 B6, other than that, a good solid IT background. Step by Step...
  12. Golf/GTI VII Cars
    Hey guys and gals! I am here to sell my daily 2-door 2015 GTI! Car is as previously mentioned a somewhat rare S-trim two door variant with plaid seats in reflex silver with a manual gearbox. The car for most of its life (5 out of the 6 years) has been a Texas car and is 100% rust free! The car...
  13. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Fitment: MK7 GTI ISO: great condition Clubsport S muffler or APR Catback exhaust system. Region: Midwest (Chicago/Indianapolis/St Louis/Louisville/Cincy) *If APR, needs to come in factory condition (I.e. no aftermarket welds -normal wear is ok). Prefer to purchase from local buyer.
  14. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    ⚠ Price has been reduced to $700 shipped, or $650 local. Recently I traded my 2016 GTI, so I no longer have use for my Cobb Accessport with DSG flashing. I've had my Accessport since October 2020, so... not long at all. I have all the included accessories and even the original box in which it...
  15. Volkswagen News Blog
    With all of the electrification going on at Volkswagen, it's only natural for enthusiasts to wonder what will happen to performance cars like the Golf GTI. Well, good news, everyone! VW North America CEO Scott Keogh says that the GTI is very important to the brand. "Right now, the GTI is the...
  16. Volkswagen News Blog
    A new set of emissions testing rules means that the base MkVII Golf GTI will not be back for 2018 in Europe. But fear not, Europeans, the GTI Performance will return and the cheap GTI will be back for the MkVIII. The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is coming to replace...
  17. Golf/GTI VII
    Get more from your engine with GIAC’s 2.0T in-tank fuel pump upgrade for MK7, MK6, MK5, and MQB S3 platforms! The GIAC 2.0T fuel pump allows for more low pressure fuel delivery, in a variety of high fuel demand situations. It increases the flow rate of the low pressure fuel system before the...
1-17 of 17 Results