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  1. Jetta VII
    So I have a 2020 Jetta S with the automatic Aisin tranny and every time I'm going below 20 miles an hour when I let off the gas a little and engage it again it jolts. It's so weird, it's almost as if the transmission engagement isn't smooth. Does anyone else have this issue??
  2. Jetta VII
    Looking to lower my car. its a daily APRstage1 and CAI so far. I was looking to see if any of you out there could post of pictures of your 2019 with lowering springs. have a pretty huge fender gap stock and would like to close it. any pictures and info would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏼 what...
  3. Passat (B7)
    I keep trying the pedal trick, but as soon as it gets done deactivating everything it turns on as soon as I put the car in drive or move the steering wheel. Is there a way around this?
  4. Jetta VII
    I was wondering if anyone has any plans or future plans to make and produce drop plates for the mk7 Jetta with the solid rear beam?
  5. Jetta VII
    I've been looking more and more into eventually tuning my 2019 Jetta S, but I can't seem to find any information on how much power to engine can handle on 100% stock internals. I don't plan on getting anywhere close to what it can do, but without any info on it I don't really know how much power...
  6. Jetta VII
    Yesterday I installed a set of Godspeed lowering springs onto my Jetta. When installing the rear with the car fully jacked up and the suspension completely free the springs do not sit in place. Is this a common occurrence, if so is the solution just buying shocks the are more compatible for...
  7. Volkswagen News Blog
    The Jetta is a difficult car. The Mk7 comes at a time when it’s almost guaranteed to look unsuccessful as sedans fall increasingly out of fashion and subprime lending and cheap gas lead to more and more luxury SUV sales. The whole industry is going upmarket but making an economy car feel...
  8. Volkswagen News Blog
    We already knew that the new Jetta would start at a price that was an itsy little bit cheaper than the outgoing model, but now we have full pricing and trim details. The Mk7 Jetta will be offered in at least five different trim levels (six, if you include the GLI, but that’s not mentioned...
  9. Volkswagen News Blog
    Volkswagen introduced the new Jetta and the Passat GT at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Along with these attention-grabbing sedans, VW also quietly featured a number of colorful SUVs bearing the R-Line badge and more.
  10. Volkswagen News Blog
    With the redesigned Jetta coming out at the start of next year, Volkswagen has started its teasing regimen. Volkswagen’s Canadian website now features a pretty revealing gif of the Jetta . Although bathed in darkness, the animated gif shows a light moving over the car, showing off some of its...
1-10 of 10 Results