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  1. Golf VIII R
    Hey y’all, I’m considering grabbing the Remus sport/race cat back exhaust. I really dont want to change the downpipe as that voids the warranty… anyone get these exhausts on While avoiding warrant removal? I was told by a vw mechanic that if I’m changing the exhaust I gotta do whatever it takes...
  2. Golf VIII R
    My r had its engine light come on 3 times. I assumed the first time it was a gas cap not being tightened but it wasn’t. They initially mentioned it was a battery voltage problem but later when I gave it in again as the light came on for the 3rd time, they told me they found out an issue with the...
  3. Golf/GTI VIII
    What is the recommended PSI for a 22" Golf GTI running 18-in x 7.5J 225/40 R18 92H all-season tires? I plan on running these on my R during winter.
  4. Golf VIII R
    My 2022 golf R has been having weird issues with the back up camera. Randomly as i back up, the camera gets blacked out and comes back on again. its random and will flicker. Anyone else having this issue? ALSO whats the best engine oil that I should use?
  5. Golf VIII R
    Are my tires nitrogen filled?
  6. Golf/GTI VIII
    Hi all, This is my first post on VW Vortex, because I mainly don't know where to go anymore for help. TL;DR: I need to find a replacement for my rear left caliper/ caliper housing, can I retrofit S3 rear calipers or Mk7 GTI calipers to my Mk8 GTI Autobahn So roughly 4 months ago I got into...
  7. Golf/GTI VIII
    Looking for any information regarding audio signal source for an LOC for an aftermarket amp/sub instal package. In many of the previous models (MK 5, 6, 7) I would just tap in right behind the discovery media box in the glove compartment. On the MK8 S model there is NO DISCOVERY BOX in the glove...
  8. Golf/GTI VIII
    Hit 5,000 today.. we drive this quite a bit! How many miles are you guys up to?
  9. Golf VIII R
    Here’s info on the cover we didn’t get for the wireless charger pad. Brought to you by the folks at the golfmk8 forum. https://www.golfmk8.com/forums/index.php?threads/gti-phone-cover.387628/
  10. Golf VIII R
    Hello everyone, There's a chance that I'm getting my new R in March and even though that's the beginning of spring, I just don't want summer tires on my daily driver. If I tell the dealership this, will they replace the summers that come stock on the R with a tire of my choice and keep the...
  11. Golf VIII R
    Okay, well since cars are finally getting delivered, might as well kick it off to start gathering info…anyone finding info on MK8 Euro Tails? This forum was my source for installing the MK7 Euro Tails, harness and the necessary coding. Hoping we can make this happen again for the MK8!
  12. Golf VIII R
    Hello to those of you who’ve picked up their MK8 Golf R’s! Just wondering if there‘s a way to have the ambient lighting colors change with the selection of the different driving modes? I’ve been fiddling with mine and can’t seem to figure out if that’s even possible.
  13. Golf/GTI VIII
    Weve been building our MK8 GTI since the beginning of December so i figured id write up a build thread on here! Lots to cover! 2022 Pomelo Yellow Autobahn Manual etc... The same car nearly everyone else has. But we were stoked, we had a good 2-3 day head-start on the rest of the US. When we...
  14. Golf/GTI VIII
    Hey everyone, I recently spent the week with the new Mk8 GTI and I thought you guys as owners / enthusiasts would appreciate it most! Happy to answer any questions about my time with the Mk8, or how it compares to the Mk7.5 TCR I reviewed last year Cheers!
  15. Volkswagen News Blog
    The GTI wasn’t the first hot hatch, but it was the best. And part of its success was down to the fact that you could have something that felt like a sports car but also felt comfortable when you’re stuck in traffic thinking about the horrors of life. Does the new GTI keep that up? Yes, it turns...
  16. Volkswagen News Blog
    A YouTube comment section interaction has once again led to more darkness in the world. Volkswagen’s R department, responding to a comment, said that there would be no hotter Golf R.  "Is there going to be a plus model ??" Asked the commenter.  "Thanks for your interest! There is no plus...
  17. Volkswagen News Blog
    Volkswagen unveiled the Mk8 Golf R today and it will make 315 hp 310 lb-ft of torque. Although that’s a modest upgrade from the European Performance model, the American model will make the full 315 hp this time, so there’s no more Atlantic power gap. That means 27 more hp and 30 more lb-ft of...
  18. Volkswagen News Blog
    The Mk8 Golf is on its way and VW insiders are calling it the biggest generational improvement ever in the Golf R’s history. Whether it lives up to the hype, we won’t know until November 4 (very early in the morning because of time zones).  What we do know is that it will be powered by VW’s...
  19. Volkswagen News Blog
    The Gold R’s unveiling is just around the corner, but before we get to see it, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with videos of it testing at the Nurburgring.  Apparently uncamouflaged, the R looks pretty handy around the fearsome track. Able to carry lots of speed through the corners, we have...
  20. Volkswagen News Blog
    Despite pulling out of the Goodwood SpeedWeek, Volkswagen R still has some news to share. Although it’s not exactly the news we were hoping for, the company announced that they will be unveiling the Golf R on November 4. We’re not expecting any big surprises from the latest generation of the...
1-20 of 89 Results