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  1. Jetta VII
    I’m sort of interested in buying a RaceChip for my Mk7 S M/T. Does anyone here have one installed? How much mpg, if any, does eco mode add? Any noticable performance gains? Do you need higher octane in some or all profiles?
  2. Golf I & Jetta I
    Hi all. Just finished my ABA swap w 4 speed 020 and I’d like a way to see my fuel economy. I’m not slamming the gas, I get to 4th gear ASAP, but I’m only getting around 27mpg, which is a bit pathetic for a 2.0 in a little MK1 body, when it gets 30+ in a MK3 body. How do I go about wiring in an...
  3. A6, S6, & RS6 (C5)
    What’s up guys? I’ve owned this car for about 2 months and only put 600-700miles. I’m experiencing horrible MPG. If I’m lucky I’ll get 200 miles on a full tank (~21-22gal). Which is about 9MPG. Something doesn’t seem right. I don’t beat my cars, I drive my cars like a baby. I did a techtron...
  4. A3 & S3 (8L)
    I have a 2001 8L s3 engine code AMK. I cannot get more than 15mpg driving at 70mph in 6th gear with a very light foot, around town I don't see over 6... car is remapped but 2 previouse owners have messaged me saying how good it was on fuel when they had it. I've changed the following: . cambelt...
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    Through the end of October, Volkswagen of America’s efforts to gain a 5 percent share of the country’s new vehicle market (by 2020) continued apace, with sales up 5 percent over the same period a year earlier. This sales bump has two crossovers to thank, not cars. No, definitely not cars...
1-5 of 5 Results