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  1. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    I have a 2002 gti 12v vr6 (AFP) this morning I went to turn on my car it cranked, started, then died in about 5 seconds. After I tried starting it again it would crank but not even try to start and I was greeted with the STOP warning and an "oil pressure stop engine" message. My oil level is...
  2. Passat (B7)
    EDIT: it was the cables that hade come loose and damage by the cooling fan. Fixed the cables and everyrhing worked. Hello! I'm having some troubles with my 2011 2.0 TDI CFFB. The other day it just stopped working. And malfunction light came one with a blinking flash and also the cat light. Car...
  3. GTI 337/20th Anniversary/Jetta GLI Forum
    The other day I was driving my car around and all the sudden had a bad misfire. The whole car was shaking my and I drivable so I pulled over. I turned it back on, and it ran normal for 45 min or so then did it again. Then it exponentially got worse. I ended up limping it the the nearest parking...
1-3 of 3 Results