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  1. Golf V & Jetta V
    First car and first time on the forums, excuse the improper formatting or worder. But I will try to keep it simple. I am getting a code for P0087 and trying to get advice on what could be causing it. Symptoms: -Idle feels rough and vibrations are more intense than normal however RPMs seem to...
  2. Golf/GTI VI
    Been fighting this issue for a while now and need some advice! MK6 GTI 2.0 TSI CCZB 2012 Part changed OEM Lpfp (DB revision) Lpfp module G247 Bosch fuel rail sensor (the original was black, superseded with orange) OEM HPFP (latest revision L) OEM CAM ROLLER (latest revision) OEM REV G...
1-2 of 2 Results