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  1. Manual Transmission Forum
    Looking to replace the cutch in my passat. I browsed Rock Auto for a clutch kit and was given a number of brands that I am unfamiliar with. Is there a certain brand someone may have used that worked out well for them and/or is there a different site that people prefer to get their parts from...
  2. Passat (B3 & B4)
    Hello my friends, i want to address this problem i'm currently having. I just recently unlocked my GAMMA 3 radio, and it worked amazingly. Yesterday when i wanted to turn the radio on, it was getting no power, i messed around with the knobs and buttons and it somehow turned on. Today when i woke...
  3. The Volkswagen Lounge
    I have a 2003 Volkswagen Passat the check engine light came on and it got it checked out, and it was a faulty thermostat,and a thermostat sensor . I got both things replaced. So after replacing both things my check engine light never went off, so I got it scanned and the code said it was the...
1-3 of 3 Results