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  1. Golf/GTI VIII
    About to receive my new GTI. I had told salesperson and financial person they were to not mount the front plate on the bumper. Just got the call that they made the mistake and did that. Two things: 1) How sad should I be? 2) should I have an "ask" from them for this? Has anyone else been in...
  2. TT Mk1 Parts
    I am looking for a DG Panzer Plate for one of my MK1 Audi TT's. Zip Code 61701. Please let me know if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks!
  3. Golf/GTI VI
    More coming formally, but basically I'm working on making some more awesome VW stuff available all day, the perfect compliment to having some NFL action going on in the background. :thumbup: As a matter of fact, every new pattern and revamped aesthetic formula is already done for rear badge...
  4. Lighting Classifieds
    PYSpeed.com | Back in Stock!! LED Plate lights and Luggage compartment lights Clearance sale! Hello VWvortexers! My name is Bobby and I have been a long time VW fan and I have had my fair share of VWs as I sold VWs for over 4 years. I am glad to be back to Vortex as many of you have helped...
1-4 of 4 Results