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  1. Blog
    Swedish skiing sensation and Red Bull sponsored athlete Jon Olsson established himself firmly as a certified car buff when he began to show up to the slopes in a snow camo wrapped Gallardo that made its own share of waves. So how do you follow up such a ride to the ski slopes? We've been...
  2. Blog
    It may not be the largest motor show, but Top Marques Monaco is one of the most exotic. Based in the world-renowned Principality of Monaco, this event shows off top manufacturers of automobiles, powerboats, watches and more. Alexandre Azzaz, regular reader of the site and Monaco resident...
  3. R8 (All Generations)
    The Exclusive Audi tuner from Germany, PPI Automotive Design GmbH, presents the PPI Bi-CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER (B-CS), specifically designed for long-term and daily use in the Audi R8 V8 model with manual transmission. PPI already was the first and only company to combine a centrifugal...
1-3 of 3 Results