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  1. Volkswagen News Blog
    When the R8 RWS premiered, Audi promised that the S stood for “series,” implying that there would be more than just one. A recent report from Piston Heads suggests that the brand is,  indeed, planning another RWD R8 which will be even more extreme than the first. Inspired by its R8 GT3...
  2. Volkswagen News Blog
    Stephan Winkelmann is doing the Volkswagen Group shuffle. Having moved from Lamborghini to Audi Sport, he’s now on the move again. This time, he’s headed over to France to head up fastest-car-in-the-world-makers, Bugatti. Winkelmann will take over as President of Bugatti Automobile S.A.S. from...
  3. Volkswagen News Blog
    Joy of joys! The US will not be excluded from partaking in Audi’s first rear-wheel-drive super car, the R8 RWS (Rear Wheel Series). Confirmation comes today from Audi spokesperson Mark Dahncke, who added that the RWS would be coming in 2018. Audi Sport unveiled the two wheel drive R8 earlier...
1-3 of 3 Results