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  1. Corrado
    Hello to all I have a 1991 Volkswagen Corrado with a VR6 swap and recently one of my friends has decided to run it into a curb. I would like to replace the rear subframe and was wondering if there were any models more readily available that I am able to replace the subframe with. Thank you for...
  2. Golf/GTI VII
    Hi guys, just joined this forum today as I’m in need for some advice. Yesterday some car tried to cut me up whilst driving and I had to break suddenly and ended up hitting a curb quite hard. When I checked my car shortly after I noticed the driver side rear wheel looked bent?? I suspect it’s the...
  3. TT (Mk1, a4 chassis)
    Hello! My plan was to change my Saab Sonett -74 to electric. The inspector advised me instead to swap my FWD Audi TT- 00 Roadster Mk1 to electric instead, because it would be easier than the Saab Sonett. His suggestion was to buy a rear axle with a drive train from an Audi TT Quattro Mk1 and...
1-3 of 3 Results