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  1. Beetle Parts
    I’m moving across the country and I desperately need some kind of roof rack that will fit a 2012 beetle. I realize that there was no VW roof rack system for this car but I’m interested to see if anyone has something that has worked I am open for pricing. Thanks!
  2. The Beetle
    I’ve seen the previous Beetle Roof Rack post, can I get an update on what’s available? I’m driving across the country and have no choice but to use the roof for storage. Has anyone bought the eBay kit for around $250? Are there any kits that are still avaibile for the beetle from 2012-19...
  3. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hello Folks, New here! I bought a 2001 VW Golf with exceptionally low mileage. While I'm really happy with my purchase, I did not consider that some parts would be discontinued and hard to find. I live on Vancouver Island and love to kayak, so I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a roof...
  4. Jetta/GLI VI
    I’m looking to get a roof rack for my 2012 Jetta 2.5 SE sedan. I do not want the typical clamp on style cross bars. I’m looking for hard mounted rails that run the length of the car like what are seen on the wagons. I’ve found several potential options for hard mounted roof rails, however I have...
  5. Jetta/GLI VI
    Willing to negotiate on price and pay shipping.
  6. Golf R (VII) Parts
    Looking to sell my OEM crossbars and bike rack. Purchased back in May and used up until October. I'm looking to switch over to a hitch-mount bike rack or the Thule Aerobars and my fiance says I need to sell these before I get anything else o_O Asking $200 for the crossbars and $150 for the bike...
  7. Jetta VII
    Has anyone installed a Thule wind fairing on an OEM VW roof rack? I know I'm going to have to drill it, but I'd like to see how someone else did this.
  8. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Hey Guys, Up for sale is my OEM rack. Had it on car once, but ended selling the MK7. Comes with everything. If interested I would be able to meet up either downstate Rockland County or Upstate Albany County. Email me if interested at [email protected]
  9. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hello all, I just haven't seen a recent post with roof boxes and I been looking at a Thule force XT XXL. I bit the bullet and bought the thule cross bars, no complaints. Minor wind noise but to be expected. My buddy let me borrow his roof box in the mean time. Just want to see what YOUR set up...
  10. Canadian Classifieds Parts
    Gently used factory roof rack for 2009-2017 VW CC. These cost $600+ CAD new. Includes wrench, manual, and 2 original plastic and foam installation aids. Asking $150 CAD (located in Toronto). Local pickup only (shipping is outrageous)
  11. Tiguan (PQ35) Parts
    SOLD: No longer need, great condition. OEM Roof Rack from my 2017 Tiguan. Wrench included SOLD! - contact with questions
  12. Touareg
    There are 3 of these only on the front cross bar. Any ideas what they do? Or, more to the point, should I try to replace the middle one that fell off (and is lost, so would probably be pretty hard to find another without buying an entire crossbar)? Not sure if this is some sort of an aerodynamic...
  13. Body Work, Body Styling and Body Kits
    I have a 2017 VW AllTrack- bought used last year- it came with Thule aerobeams already installed, and in April I bought a Thule roof box off to install on top After three months of driving it (including lots of highway driving- from NM to Seattle) with probably ~50lbs in the box I noticed that...
  14. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    In the Tampa/St. Petersburg area: Sold my'16 VW Golf GTI and no longer need this base carrier/roof rack. It comes with a key to lock the carrier and an Inno fairing for noise reduction. Works perfectly. No issues at all. These are $300 without tax brand new and without the $75 fairing. Trust me...
  15. Tiguan (PQ35)
    We have a 2013 Tiguan S. Other than the 4motion feature, its a basic model. It has a flat roof with no roof rails. Is there possibly any option to install a 3rd party roof rack? if so, what?
  16. South East Parts
    In the Tampa/St. Petersburg area: This base carrier/roof rack was used on a 16’ VW Golf GTI. It comes with a key to lock the carrier and an Inno fairing for noise reduction. Works perfectly. No issues at all. These are $300 without tax brand new and without the $75 fairing. Trust me, you’re...
  17. Jetta SportWagen Parts
    I sold my JSW and these don't fit on my new car. $140 local pickup (I'm in Oregon), if you want me to ship them please PM me.
  18. Golf/GTI VII
    Hi! I picked up an OEM rack for dirt cheap. No key or torque T wrench. Can I order a replacement N021 key for it from Thule or have to order a key from dealer? Also how do I get around to torque it properly w/o the T wrench? Any advice appreciated.
  19. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    For sale are my OEM VW roof crossbars that are coming off my VW MK7.5 GTI. They are practically new. Just going a different route without racks. Serial Numbers are in the photos. Price is $200 firm. Located in Northern VA (Chantilly). No shipping, Local meetups only. Will come with: Two...
  20. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    I need a roof rack, OEM is highly preferred so I can make use of the factory mounts. I'd like the rack to be in pretty good shape. Though, I don't mind doing some refurb on it is if needed. Let me know what you have and how much you need from it. Thanks guys!
1-20 of 32 Results