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  1. Other Bolt Patterns Classifieds
    Up for sale is a set of Rotiform YVR forged 3-piece wheels. These were custom made to fit my Subaru STI with minimal camber and zero rubbing issues. Wait time for Rotiform wheels can be 3-6months and starting price is around $6,000 and up plus taxes. The wheels will come with all 4 original...
    $3,650 USD
  2. 5x112 Classifieds
    Brand new in box never even been installed, or taken out of box. Bought for my GTI and it took forever for them to get here from fitment and I ended up selling the gti. Can open and send photos of all to buyer if they want. they won’t fit on my rs3. lowered price to 1300.
    $1,300 USD
  3. Golf/GTI VII
    If there is one already please delete but i'd like to see some Mk7's with aftermarket wheels. The stock 18's are terrible and will be the first to go for me. Feel free to post up any good pics you have. One of the wheels i'm looking at, Enkei RS05RR
  4. 5x112 Classifieds
    Only had these for 6ish months and ready to move on. I ceramic coated them with Gyeon Mohs Evo before mounting so they clean easier and brake dust sticks less than before. They are currently off the car and will be deep cleaned before selling. They are wrapped in 215/45/18 Nitto NeoGens with a...
    $1,500 USD
  5. NorCal Parts
    Rotiform LAS-R 18x8.5 Dual drilled for 5x112 and 5x114.3 I just bought these and had a set of goodyear eagle sport tires mounted on them. The tires are 235/40R18 and have about 80% tread left. I will consider a trade for any wheels that have a 5x100 bolt pattern. Thanks
    $800 USD
  6. 5x112 Classifieds
    What’s up everyone— looking to sell or trade my set of Rotiform RSE wheels. This is a feeler but open to the right deal. Looking for a trade or sell out right. They are still on the car as we speak but can take more up close photos on request. Price Negotiable Preferable sets im looking for...
    $1,300 USD
  7. 5x112 Classifieds
    Selling a set of four Rotiform R188 TUF-R cast wheels. 18x8.5, 5x112/5x114.3, +45mm offset. Wheels are brand new, never been mounted, and still in factory packaging. Fits a range of VW, Audi, BMW, and Mini vehicles. Buyer pays shipping. I can facilitate local pickup in the Portland, Oregon...
    $1,000 USD
  8. Jetta/GLI VI
    Guy i saw today would not mount 225/40s on 18x8.5 wheels (45 mm offset) on my 2017 jetta claiming that it would rub on both the fenders and the shocks. I’ve seen several others with this same set up and haven’t had an issue. Guy said he would do it if I really wanted him to but said not to blame...
  9. 5x112 Classifieds
    Howdy, I have a set of Rotiform 3-piece OZT Wheels for sale. Specs: Colour: Transulent Fools Penny Face with Polished Lips/Satin Black Barrels 18x9 ET 38 (1.5" lip) 18x10 ET 35 (3.0" lip" Comes with Nitto Neogens Tires (tires have about 75% thread left) My IG with pics is @peace_industries...
    $3,000 USD
  10. Golf VII R
    So I’ve been debating on wether I want to sell my 19 inch Cadiz, but I’m super indecisive and I can’t decide what style I want to go for. I value weight a decent ammount, and I’m pretty sold in the idea of silver or gunmetal grey / anthracite. with that in mind, heres what ive found. The...
  11. 5x112 Classifieds
    (4) 19 x 8.5, 5x112 et 45. Just put 4 brand new tires on them and sold the car. One wheel has rash but easily fixable.
  12. Golf/GTI VII Cars
    Above all else, this is a fantastic car in fantastic condition that's been maintained by a lifelong VW enthusiast. 62k miles, this thing is a garage queen as I work from home so that will stay accurate. Adult owned, never smoked in, recently changed OEM coil packs and NGK plugs, Liqui Moly oil...
  13. 5x112 Classifieds
    im looking to sell or trade plus cash on your end. Wheels cost 1400 new Powdercoat cost 800 Tires were 600 Total invested 2800. I have a set of rotiform ind-t, these wheels were ordered new in feb 2020 and have since been discontinued!! Specs 19x10 et 35. If you want some new shoes for this...
  14. Jetta/GLI VI
    I currently have a stock 2015 Jetta 1.8t. I want to get some nice new wheels for it and I have been looking at the Rotiform blq 18x8.5 rims. I have done quite a bit of research but I am still not sure if they will fit well or not. I also don't know if I should go with 35 or 45 offset. I am on...
  15. Volkswagen News Blog
    Life happens, right? One minute you're in the Jedi Academy and barely passing Advanced Light Saber Skills, and the next you've settled down and you've got an Ewok on the way. Ok, it's not an Ewok, but it's about the same size. And smells as bad as a Tauntaun (on the outside at least). But...
  16. Volkswagen News Blog
    The mercury’s rising and the project cars are coming out of hibernation. If you’re anything like us, you’re as excited to let your tires hit the pavement as you are to see all the great cars that have been hiding in garages. So you’ll be excited to hear that VW’s back this summer with a fleet...
  17. Volkswagen News Blog
    Over the past handful of days we've been posting pictures of some of our favorite cars from Waterfest 2016, but now we're getting into the real nitty gritty. What follows is a top 10 list of the best wheels at this year's show. In no particular order, they are: Vossen VPS-317 - A very...
  18. Volkswagen News Blog
    In the past few months VWvortex has gone through quite a few changes, some of them you've noticed, some of them you likely haven't.   One that you've definitely seen was the addition of Sebastien Bell to help with the day-to-day blog population. With him quickly coming up to speed, my own...
  19. Volkswagen News Blog
    Now in it's forth year Euro Tripper 4 is making quite a name for itself, attracting vendors and attendees from across the southeastern United States, and beyond to Fort Meyers, Florida.  Conceptualized and designed specifically to pay homage to the most noteworthy shows of Europe (Players and...
1-20 of 61 Results