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  1. Golf I/Jetta I Parts
    We are proud to offer this new high quality reproduction, a direct replacement for Volkswagen part number 171.419.517 which is no longer available. Our reproduction features a German-made bearing encapsulated in a acetal homopolymer sleeve made in Canada. Acetal is a highly crystalline polymer...
  2. Misc. Professional Racing
    They call it the ‘Green Hell’ but if hell is fiery then Nurburgring is no Hades. For 2013, the Green Hell was doused with so much rain that the race was red flagged… stopped for over nine hours. Minus the red flag period, 15 hours were not easy on those cars in the mix. A heavy mix of water...
  3. Blog
    Forget what you know about stereotypes. Germanic order seems to be lost on the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. This iconic racecourse aptly named ‘Green Hell’ features 14+ miles of winding undulating graffiti-marked pavement and turns known crassly as the ‘Toilet Bowl’. The 24-hour race that happens...
141-143 of 144 Results