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  1. Jetta/GLI VI
    After looking at aftermarket seat options there really isn’t anything good for the mk6 jetta IMO, I wanted to know how possible a s4 seat swap just for the front driver and passenger would be coming from a B8 s4 as they have the suede seats that are probably one of the nicest seats ever made...
  2. Jetta VII
    I have a 2019 GLI Autobahn - the bolsters on the seats are a bit too high (I'm built for comfort, not speed). I've swapped seats out in a prior VW that I had. I realize the cosmetic differences, but could I swap out the front seats in the GLI with the leather seats from the same year's SEL...
  3. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the vw group... thanks for the support in advance! i got a 2016 vw jetta 1.4T (base model) of course, i swapped the seats for leather ones! I got the sets from a newer vehicle that had been in an accident! The seats themselves are mint condition and the airbags...
  4. Golf SportWagen VII
    This is something I have been considering for my 2018 Alltrack S for the last couple years. Due to the pandemic, I really was not driving much so I kind of forgot how bad these seats are, however, I am going to be driving more in the coming year and would like to see if I can fix this. The seats...
  5. Jetta VII
    Hello, was wondering if the driver and passenger front seats from a 2020 GTI will fit into a 2020 Jetta?
  6. Golf/GTI VII
    Hey everyone, I had a question that I could not seem to find a definite answer to. The question is will 15-17 GTI seats fit in an 18+ GTI given all the controls are the same (manual sliding and power tilt). My main worry is the plugs working without any error codes. Thanks in advance!
1-6 of 6 Results