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  1. Volkswagen News Blog
    Lamborghini has revealed it will soon present a new special-edition model that follows in the footsteps of cars like the Lamborghini Centenario and Veneno.  The new special edition model, whose existence was recently made public by Lamborghini’s R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani, will usher in new...
  2. Volkswagen News Blog
    If you’re among the 6,999,999,980 or so people who missed their chance to own the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento when it was new, fear not! You may still be in luck. That’s right, you too can own a car mostly made out of the sixth element: carbon. Lamborghini’s ode to the periodic table is now for...
  3. Blog
    We've just added a photo gallery from tonight's Volkswagen Group Night of Driving Ideas. Included in the presentation were the Audi quattro Concept and the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept. Look for more coverage from Paris this week. Full Story
1-3 of 3 Results