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  1. Golf II & Jetta II
    Hello all, Recently I was driving my MK2 when my car refused to change gears. In fact, the shifter would move around in a complete circle and there was no sign of any connection to the transmission. At first I thought I blew my transmission, but after further inspection I noticed that 2...
  2. Golf/GTI VI
    Hi! I recently purchased a 2012 GLI with a VERY sloppy shifter. After some investigation, it looks like the previous owner hacked it up and I decided to just replace the whole assembly. I've already purchased and install all the dieselgeek goodies, but I'm trying to replace the factory shift...
  3. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hey guys hope I can get some help figuring out what’s wrong with my softer. The shifter rod seems like it’s too short, but it doesn’t look to short. And when I push down for reverse I can hear it hit the bottom panel of the shifter box. If that made no sense then let me explain. I have had a...
1-3 of 4 Results