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  1. Corrado
    I am selling my 93 Colorado SLC red black leather seats , it's mostly parked. Chassy have a 170 K engine and transmission was fully rebuilt approximately 7000 miles ago if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer everything is functioning sunroof AC only thing that dont work is rear...
  2. Corrado
    July 4th weekend - last day today! :thumbup: www.eurosportacc.com
  3. Corrado Parts
    Camber plates mount from the underside of the strut tower. Included aluminum rings mount from the top and allow for adjustment. $100 shipped within the 48 connected states IMG_2245 by LouisFCO, on Flickr
  4. Corrado Parts
    Brand New. Never installed. $50shipped within the 48 connected states IMG_2907 by LouisFCO, on Flickr
  5. Corrado Parts
    Excellent Condition, screw holes not broken. Side-view mirror control works. $25 shipped within 48 connected states
  6. Corrado Parts
    Two mounting tabs broken, but will still install and mount without issue. Ash tray mount is flawless and not broken, same with rear mounting portion. $40 shipped within the 48 connected states
  7. Corrado Parts
    All three are in excellent condition. Nothing broken or cracked. $10 each, shipped within 48 connected states
  8. Corrado Parts
    Silver is faded, but mounting tabs are intact and so is rubber backing. $10 shipped to the 48 connected states
  9. Volkswagen News Blog
    We're always a bit surprised to see a low mileage Volkswagen pop up on the market, but it happens more than you'd expect.  Traveling just 43 miles each week on average since new, this Corrado SLC currently for sale in Virginia Beach is actually the second extremely low-mile example that we've...
  10. Volkswagen News Blog
    When the winter comes, automotive project ambition tends to rise.  Directly tied to poor weather and an influx of free weekends, this is the time when many within the scene retreat into their heated garage looking to create something bigger and better for next year.  Sometimes that means selling...
  11. Volkswagen News Blog
    It's not often that we get a 'Find of the Day' tip from our readers, but we certainly appreciate when it does happen.  Especially if it's one that is this promising.  Low miles?  Check.  Reasonably priced?  Check.  Desirable?  Check. This 53,000 original mile Corrado SLC is currently for...
1-12 of 15 Results