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  1. The Car Lounge
    Hi guys, I just bought my first VW and went with the 2019 Jetta R-Line. I’m slowly moding it up just got my all weather mats gonna get some cleaning supplies for the leatherette seats. But the first two real changes I’m looking to make is replacing the Halogen fog lights with some LEDs...
  2. Arteon
    I just recently purchased a 2020 Arteon SEL Rline Non/Premium edition. I don't have the DynAudio system currently installed. But I am looking to do an aftermarket speaker setup, but I am having trouble locating the actual size of the speaker sizes to replace in my car. Does anyone have any idea...
  3. Golf SportWagen VII
    We've had an ongoing issue with our 2017 Alltrack SE w/ Fender Audio. Bought it January 2018 and soon noticed the sound out of the Fender system seemed tinny at best. I was completely underwhelmed. After sitting in a parking lot and putting my ear to every speaker in the car, I finally figured...
  4. Volkswagen News Blog
    Everyone has that one person on their Christmas list who's impossible to shop for. Well, fear no more, because Lamborghini's got you covered with its new Aventador inspire speaker and docking station. Hand-built by audio experts, the Esavox comes complete with a ceramic speakers, a carbon...
1-4 of 34 Results