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  1. TriState
    Hey, guys. I DD my R and it has taken an absolute beating this winter! Since I have a bent wheel and some uneven tire wear now, seems like the perfect time to invest in a new set up. I have pretty much decided on Vossen VFS-2s. 19x9.5 ET40 all around. I think they might be okay in the back...
  2. Blog
    Remember Rusty Slammington? Owner Mike Burroughs was an early adopter of in the stance scene with his chopped BMW 5 series that looked more WW2 P2 Mustang fighter than Munich family sedan. Rusty earned a life of his own on facebook though met at least a temporary demise in a garage fire. To...
  3. Blog
    Should you be curious about the whole stance modding philosophy, look no further than this video produced by Pacific north west photographer Mike Kippen about Mark Lambert's amulet red B6 A4 sedan. If you're like Mark, perhaps you're beyond the whole "stance" term but it's hard to deny this...
1-3 of 3 Results