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  1. Golf VII R
    My dad and I are looking into a new set of tires and want more side wall and more width... we were wondering if anyone has put a 245/40/17 or 245/45/17 on there golf r mk7 vii and has had any issues of rubbing either in cornering, turning, or if the car is full of people. Any insight and pics...
  2. Golf R (VI) Parts
    Set of front and rear HP Plus, great track day pads that work well on the street. Brand new in box. Paid 230 on tire rack. $200 + shipping
  3. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    These are selling quickly so make sure you contact your local dealer today! - Mk4 FMIC RACE Kits :thumbup: - Mk4 FMIC Street Kits :thumbup: - Mk4 SMIC Kits :thumbup: Visit www.EurojetRacing.com for details!
1-3 of 3 Results