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  1. Golf III/Jetta III Parts
    Looking to sell my strut brace kit. Polished aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Very good condition. $600 I’m a new member and can’t reply to posts, so email or text me [email protected] (860) 550-3579
  2. Cabriolet
    What's good my fellow VW owners, I have an issue with my 2000 cabrio. It has massive over steer and understeer, to correct this im trying to install a custom strut brace but the friggin coolant reservoir and the throttle body are directly in the way of putting a cross beam. Can i move the...
  3. Golf III/Jetta III Parts
    Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a Neuspeed Front Strut Brace chrome or black, and an adjustable cam gear. Send me pics and pricing and we can work something out. Thanks for your time.
  4. Corrado Parts
    Eibach Strut Bar. Genuine Corrado item - not a mk3 piece. Mounts have been trimmed to allow bolts to sit flat and cleanly. All hardware is brand new. Bolt to attach to towers are hardened steel. $300 + shipping.
1-4 of 5 Results