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  1. For Sale Loaded Strut Kit

    Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    Bought from ECS (https://bit.ly/3xQ8OhW) ~ 20 miles on them. Too soft for me. Asking $100 + shipping.
    $100 USD
  2. Jetta/GLI VI
    i am thinking about putting coilovers on my mk6 but i dont know first hand how low i can go. i would just like to know how low i can get without any modification. pictures would help but honestly any response would be awesome, thanks
  3. Golf I & Jetta I
    Currently installing air into my mk1 jetta. I have the front air line routing figured out but am a little hung up on how I want to run the rear lines. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
  4. Golf SportWagen VII
    I’ve decided I’d like to lower my sportwagen with springs. Went back and forth between the H&R sport vs super sport and leaning towards super sport for a bit more drop but not slammed. I’d like to go ahead and upgrade the struts and shocks since I have little over 40k on stock suspension. Any...
  5. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    So I have a 2007 city golf (mk4). Trying to figure out the easiest way to switch out the front top strut mount & bearing. I bought the parts cause I am 90% sure that’s where the clunking noise is coming from. trying to do this in my driveway with a floor jack & jack stands. Any help is...
  6. Golf R (VII) Parts
    Local pickup only. Both the springs and camber plates have ~10k miles on them. They were used with the OEM DCC shocks, which I’ll include for free if you buy the springs and camber plates. Ground Control camber plates: $200...
    $300 USD
  7. Jetta VII
    Hey guys, I was doing a bit of lurking before joining officially but I’m glad to make my stay official now. I am looking into doing coilovers for my 2021 GLI S. I know I have quite a few options but I have an affinity for the Forge Motorsports Coilover kit, I just think they are gorgeous! I...
  8. Suspension Tuning
    Ok so I'm purchasing a set of coilover suspension for my beetle TS. I've heard both positives and negatives about which to use for the install. Camber plates or front strut top mounts? She's not a daily driver, but occasionally I'll pull her out the garage for a work day. Also I'm not doing any...
  9. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    ok so mk4 jetta 2.0 auto recently rebuililt the suspension solid subframe mounts sway bar bushings replaced b6 bilstein shocks an new moog springs installed taken for alignment straighten everything out so the wheel an the car go straight but at high speeds 60 70 mph when letting off the gas it...
  10. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    As the title states I'm looking for complete GTI suspension. Lower mileage preferred. Located in Scranton PA, I can provide a shipping label as well. I believe both Mk7 and Mk7.5 will work.
  11. Golf SportWagen VII
    Hi All, I currently have coilovers on my ‘18 Golf SportWagen. I’m hoping to get a little more clearance, so am wondering if anyone has tried using the Alltrack suspension on a SportWagen, and any related info before I dive down that rabbit hole. RadAndy
  12. CC
    I got a 2010 cc and have had numerous issues with the front passenger wheel. I got a new tire put on a few weeks back but unfortunately had to drive on my spare for about a week due to shipping delays. Ive had the car back for about a month now and within the last week ive noticed that when i...
  13. Golf V & Jetta V
    I've noticed a good number of MK5 Jettas, including mine, sit low in the rear. In my case, it lowered when I moved out from college and left a lot of weight in the trunk and back seat for 4 days. The back of my Jetta lowered from all the weight, and it didn't go back up when I got home and...
  14. Golf VI R
    Hi all and Happy new year! I'm currently looking at getting a set of coilovers for my Non-DCC MK6R. I will be on 18"s aswell. Purpose & priority is comfort-daily, so not track/race focused and aesthetic to reduce the wheel gap. I've done a bit of searching already so my options i'm looking at...
  15. Golf/GTI VII
    ive noticed that if i apply enougj brakes to make your belt tighten up that the while car seems very squirrelly and it kinda shudders. I havent messed with any suspension components and was wondering if i should be looking for something underneath
  16. Polo
    Hi! I've heard there is a problem with Polo GTI Wheel bearings failure under track load. I've been wondering if a possible solution is to outfit the Polo with the front suspension from a Golf. Because as far as I know something similar is possible with the rear suspension. Thanks!
  17. Jetta/GLI VI
    I've had the car for 5 years and driven it over 100k miles. My front suspension is in need of an overhaul. Parts that are in need of some TLC: Lower Control Arms Sway Bar Links Sway Bar All the corresponding bushings Was looking through the forums and found a lot of stuff on GLI mods but not...
  18. eGolf VII
    Hi guys, so I'm new to car mods or cars in general. I got my mk7.5 golf comfortline in October this year as my very first car. And just to make the car look better, I have soon swapped out the OEM wheels with Superspeed ones, and I got 225/40R18 winter tires for those beautiful rims. However...
  19. Golf V & Jetta V
    I’m considering throwing a set of R32 springs on my rabbit. I know all about the different spring rates and weight distribution differences but has anyone done it that I can use as a reference? How much would it actually be lowered and is it worth my time? (I was given them for free)
1-20 of 411 Results