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  1. TT, TTS, & TTRS (MK3, MQB Chassis)
    Hi guys. I am looking for TCU tune for 2019 TTS (DQ381). I have done APR stage 1. I contact APR dealer but they said they don't have available software for my vehicle. Has anyone done TCU with 2019 TTS? or DQ381 gearbox? My main reason for planning TCU tune is, DQ381 stock max torque up to...
  2. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    I'm about to start on a project to swap out my 01m transmission with a 02j transmission which is of course going from an automatic to a manual. I've hit a road block however, because I don't know what wires from the old tcu I need and if I need to retune it or not. I thought about just buying a...
  3. A6, S6 and RS6 (C5) Parts
    Looking for known good C5 Allroad TCU 4Z7927156M Shipping to 48114
  4. Volkswagen News Blog
    Unitronic® is pleased to announce the official worldwide release of its Performance Software for the 2016 “locked” ECU’s* found in the VW Golf R, Audi S3 and Audi TTS. Unitronic has precisely re-calibrated the engine control unit (ECU) to deliver maximum performance while ensuring complete...
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    Product Page APR is pleased to present the ultimate transmission control unit (TCU) upgrade for the DQ250 DSG and S Tronic transmissions! APR’s TCU upgrade is available for MQB platform vehicles and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s TCU through the OBD-II port with user definable...
1-5 of 5 Results