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  1. Misc. Professional Racing
    Despite dominating Red Bull’s Global Rallycross Series Volkswagen’s rallycross efforts across the pond were considerably harder fought. With the likes of former WRC legends like Sebastien Loeb and Petter Solberg in some of Europe’s best small hatches, the competition was always going to be...
  2. Rally Racing
    The World Rallycross Championship was in Germany this weekend for the second round of the season. Unfortunately, things ended poorly for team-favorite Johan Kristoffersson when he was bumped out of the lead in what commentator Andrew Coley called the most spectacular semi final-race he'd ever...
  3. Rally Racing
    The second round of the FIA’s World Rallycross Championship is well on its way, and already Volkswagen’s Johan Kristoffersson has earned himself two race wins in qualifying (contradictory statements to be sure, but all will become clear). For only the second time in WRX history, this weekend’s...
1-3 of 3 Results