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  1. Jetta VII
    Has anyone installed a Thule wind fairing on an OEM VW roof rack? I know I'm going to have to drill it, but I'd like to see how someone else did this.
  2. Golf V & Jetta V
    Picked up a thule square bar with feet and fit kit for my 07 Rabbit (foot pack was marked with 110 on the bottom, had to do some research to make sure it fit beforehand!). Previous owners had the rear rack on the wrong way hence why the ski rack is on the driver side instead of the passenger...
  3. South Africa
    Hi all. I am in search of roof racks to fit my Golf 3. Unfortunately no universal racks fit. I understand that the only ones that do are the original VW vortex OEM racks and the Thule 444. I have tried the Thule 406-1 made for the 1999 Polo's, but only the front fits as the golf roof width is...
  4. Golf/GTI VI Parts
    Hello! I just traded in my mkvi golf and have a Thule Roof rack to sell. Its the Thule aerobars w/The Rapid Traverse foot pack and the fit kit for a mkvi golf (I'm unsure if it also fits the mkvi gti). I'm also including two bike carriers in the package - I'd love to sell the whole kit to...
  5. Corrado
    I bought a 98 gti with a Thule 444 rack that is unmounted. I’m missing a mounting pad first of all and am unsure where I could get one I’m unsure how to get the mounting plates onto the car. I can’t find any instructions anywhere, any advice or pictures would be greatly appreciated
  6. Golf II & Jetta II
    Seeing if anyone out there has spare 305 roof rack parts. Looking for one foot clamp to complete my setup as circled in the diagram.
  7. Vans and Transporters - all years
    I’m looking to find and purchase an original vw eurovan/t4 Votex roof rack I recently found a set of crossbars and towers with no fitkit (clips) Maybe someone has just the 4 brackets (clips) that clamp the roof rack securely to the flat naked roof of my eurovan. If not, I’m okay with buying a...
  8. Volkswagen News Blog
    The mercury’s rising and the project cars are coming out of hibernation. If you’re anything like us, you’re as excited to let your tires hit the pavement as you are to see all the great cars that have been hiding in garages. So you’ll be excited to hear that VW’s back this summer with a fleet...
  9. Touareg
    For those who don't know, VW Accessories roof rack attachments are compatible with Thule's Rapid Aero cross bar design. I moved a lot of my Votex attachments to my wife's Volvo XC90 by adding Rapid Aeros to the Volvo and it worked great. Now that we've replaced the Volvo with a new 2011 Touareg...
1-10 of 10 Results