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  1. The Car Lounge
    Ingolstadt, January 24, 2011 - Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich has managed to sign all nine drivers who mounted the podium after last year’s historical one-two-three Audi finish in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Le Mans in 2011. The drivers who compete for the Intercontinental Le Mans...
  2. Audi Sport
    And here's some more ALMS/Porsche news involving Audi drivers. It was a bit of a surprise to us when Audi Sport announced its Petit Le Mans roster for this year and the driver team that won Le Mans was not in one of the two cars that will run at Road Atlanta in September. Now today there's a...
  3. Audi Sport
    For those who miss Audi on ALMS races you can now get at least some Timo and Romain love as the Le Mans winning duo pilot the Muscle Milk Porsche RS Spyder in a few upcoming races. Here's the Porsche press release.
  4. Blog
    We get some photos via our various sources that make us scratch our heads and some that simply make us laugh aloud. This is usually followed by an attempt to caption what's going on. So why not apply to the above? I was just revisiting our photo gallery from the 1000 km of Spa earlier this...
  5. Blog
    We're readying our final recap of Le Mans and that process includes producing a lot of content we simply didn't have time to publish in the heat of the race (though you may have seen some of this via Audi USA social media outlets as we were also contributing to them). Below are several videos...
  6. Blog
    Day two of scrutineering, where all Le Mans teams go to this French city's center for a tech inspection well-attended by throngs of eager fans. This second day of the process downtown was only slightly less crowded in the morning when the Japanese JLOC Lamborghini team began the parade of cars...
1-6 of 6 Results