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  1. Passat (B7)
    Hey, i just bought a 2012 passat and in very good condition. While purchasing i noticed there is a phone button, which made me think the car has bluetooth conectivity. I was trying to find the option to connect, but there wasn't any. When i click on the "phone" button, it just mutes the audio...
  2. Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi all, This is my first post, so apologies if I missed this topic. I'm having issues with my touchscreen. For a while it was just flickering a bit and then going back to normal, but now it's permanently stuck this way, so I can't see any of the nav functions, the back-up camera or audio set-up...
  3. Golf/GTI VII
    The screen flickers constantly, is there anything that can be done? No mention of this issue on VWV but many Google hits on it. I'm hoping not to have to replace the head unit (in the glove box) at the dealer since apparently I cannot just put in a replacement (due to coding) or aftermarket due...
  4. Golf VIII R
    Just curious: Is anyone postponing their decision to buy a new Golf R until the 2023 model year to see if VW brings back any real knobs and buttons?
  5. Tiguan (PQ35)
    I have a 2018 Tiguan SEL (the old model). Something is happening with the touch screen that is not responsive. If I do a hard reset(press power button for 10 sec) It works for a while and then back to no responding. Does anyone has the same issue? Is there a firmware update for US models? The...
  6. A4, S4, A5, S5, RS4, RS5, Q5, SQ5, (B8)
    recently just got a 2011 a4 avant. id like to get android auto. anyone do so with success. I see some kits on Amazon the utilize oem controls and screen but id realy like a touch screen. found another company that makes one that comes with a touch screen but says its for a 13+ but my car has the...
1-6 of 6 Results