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  1. Golf R (VII) Cars
    Beautiful 2016 Golf R Single owner, no accidents, well-maintained. Modifications: APR Stage 1 tune VWR lowering springs and wheel spacers (ECS "Stance Enhance" kit) - Original springs also available Sachs clutch Pedalbox Aluminum colored mirrors (OEM European-style) Window tinting (back and...
    $23,800 USD
  2. Golf V & Jetta V
    Hey I'm new to vwvortex and looking to get some opinions on the best tunes for mk5 gti with the fsi engine. Looking mainly between unitronic stage 1+ and apr stage 1. Was quoted $650 for the unitronic and $550 for the apr. Was told that the apr was more drag oriented and unitronic was more of...
  3. Golf SportWagen VII
    So I bought this a week ago from a dealer but it came with a bunch of tasteful mods, new headlights, lowering springs, rims a turbo muffler delete and a couple other goodies. Was told it was from a german couple moving back to germany and not much else. Cars in great condition but it feels a...
  4. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hello everyone, I would like to start off by providing my “credentials.” I have a 2016 1.8t NON MQB MK6Jetta. Mods included: CTS 3 inch downpipe AWE 2.5 inch catback exhaust CTS CA intake CTS throttle pipe CTS charge pipes CTS intercooler RS3 ignition coils with RS7 plugs Jb4 tune To...
  5. Golf V & Jetta V
    Quick question! I was wondering what exactly do i need for a stage x tune for a Mk5 Gti? i wanna know what people use for all these tunes? what do you use for a stage 1? what about 2 and 3? what exactly is needed and what stage is the best (Price and performance wise)?
  6. Golf SportWagen VII
    What tuning software package options I should look at for a Stage 1 (California 91 RON gas) tune for my 2019 Alltrack? I wish to start simple with something that is CARB compliant and easy to monitor using basic data logging tools. There seem to be multiple options; JB4, APR, Unitronic...
  7. Jetta/GLI VI
    I can't find a stage 2 tune for my 2014 Jetta SE 1.8T DSG. I've seen some from places like Tunezilla but there are no dealers to put on a DSG tune near me (Tunezilla says it is required for stage 2). any other places I can get a stage 2 from?
  8. Golf/GTI VII
    MK7 R (and 8V Audi S3) intercooler direct bolt-on for MK7 GTI. Seems someone already did the research i was planning on doing once the dealers reopened in the new year... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grCzm3dvzvo Now just need to dig up the part numbers. Can't be too bad, these guys are...
  9. Golf VI R
    Hello everyone. I was wondering if there are any tuning company's that you know of that do burbles or pops and bangs for the 2012 Golf R manual, in Canada thanks. I currently stage 2 unirtronic and they don't offer any pops or burbles.
  10. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    This is a great tune- really wakes up the engine. I had a manual transmission so the DSG tune could be purchased separately. 93 octane EQT stage one plus the Cobb Tunes.
    $550 USD
  11. Passat (B7)
    Hello all! I just recently picked up a 2019 Passat R Line 2.0 and am looking for options to tune. I'd really like to avoid voiding my warranty so I was looking at a JB4. Recommendations?
  12. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    So i wanna get my 2000 jetta 1.8t AWD tuned and I also need too get a new cluster since mine works then doesnt lol. I was wondering if I got the GONZO stage 2 tune with the IMMO delete activated would that make it so i can just swap out my cluster with another one without having too use VCDS...
  13. Jetta/GLI VI
    So I have a 2012 Jetta 2.5l. It has just recently reached 180k miles. I’ve never had any oil leaks with this car and the only things that has ever went “wrong” was a coil going bad and a sensor. All those things have been replaced along with spark plugs. So basically my question is if I was to...
  14. Golf/GTI VII
    Almost two months ago I tuned my GTI. I pushed it pretty hard the first couple of days. Then the clutch started to slip when I hit above 3-4,000 rpms in 3-6th gear. But only when I pushed it. I took it easy for a little bit and didn't push it for a week. I tested it again to see if it would do...
  15. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Used Cobb Accessport 3 with MAP tunes (AP3-VLK-002) - Unmarried - Please confirm compatibility with your vehicle on Cobb's website - Used for 50k miles on a 2016 MK7 VW GTI (manual transmission) and has since been uninstalled/unmarried from that vehicle (see pics) - Includes Cobb tunes and...
    $500 USD
  16. The Volkswagen Lounge
    So I want to install a catless downpipe on a 2010 Passat cc (without a tune for now). I read that this will give me a CEL light. I want to know if after installing a tune this will go away? and what kind of 02 sensor spacer should I use to help?
  17. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you guys new of any carb legal tunes I can order or tuning shops in socal, as you guys probably already know Ca laws changed in July and my 12 valve vr6 with 268 cams won’t pass because of the tune it needs because of the cams, any help would be appreciated
  18. Golf/GTI VII
    Down pipe question Is it necessary to loose low end torque? I understand the concept behind the higher HP when you rev the car, but I have read a few comments what claimed some low end torque loss. I have experienced the same thing with non Turbo car, and it stole some of the joy from a daily...
  19. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    So recently bought a 01 gti with 12v vr6 Previous owner told me it had the sai delete and a tune as well as 268 cams. turns out in CA tuned cars can’t pass smog even if it’s a dirty smog. Anybody know a shop in socal that can save the current tune on my ecu and flash My ecu back to stock so that...
  20. Jetta VII
    I’m sort of interested in buying a RaceChip for my Mk7 S M/T. Does anyone here have one installed? How much mpg, if any, does eco mode add? Any noticable performance gains? Do you need higher octane in some or all profiles?
1-20 of 102 Results