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  1. Jetta VII
    I’m sort of interested in buying a RaceChip for my Mk7 S M/T. Does anyone here have one installed? How much mpg, if any, does eco mode add? Any noticable performance gains? Do you need higher octane in some or all profiles?
  2. Golf/GTI VI
    I have plans to do a load of performance mods to my Mk6 GTI over time and obviously the first one everyone recommends is a stage1 tune, but my dilemma is that I currently share the car with two siblings who recently got their licenses. I'm wondering whether going stage 1 would make it a little...
  3. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hello all! I just ordered myself a 2019 Jetta GLI through Carvana and it should be here within a couple of weeks, very excited! I would like to know what mods to get, I plan to stay stage 1 but I would like to maximize HP, having about $7500 to put into mods. I follow a guy on youtube who goes...
  4. Golf/GTI VI
    Hey guys, I just got a Mk6 GTI this week and looking to do my first mod. I'd like to do a cold air intake, stage 1 tune, and exhaust but the exhaust will probably be a little later. Which is better to do first? A cold air intake, or a stage 1 tune? Thanks!
  5. The Volkswagen Lounge
    I want to tune my mk4 1.8 automatic. Don’t know if I should just go stage one or if I am able to go to stage 2, I’ve done an intake, diverter valve, and turbo back exhaust.
  6. Golf/GTI VI
    My car has an APR stage 2 tune on it. My cooling fans stay on 100% at all times & about 6 minutes after the car is shut off. I’ve replaced my fan module already (didn’t fix it), and have spoken to APR and they said it’s an ECU issue due to it not being sealed properly. They say they cannot...
  7. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hey guys, I have an mk6 jetta with a cat back exhaust and aem air intake and I want to do a basic crackle tune on it, I have no idea where to start or who to talk to, if anyone has any info or a place to get me started please lmk! Thank y’all
  8. The Volkswagen Lounge
    So I did my searches and came up empty. i have all bolt on and other mods done from sai delete and 2nd 02 and cat delete to upgraded silicone tip 3'dp short ram cold air upgraded dv n75 egr delete delete of all unnecessary vac lines silicone vac lines, water pump timing belt and tensioner done...
  9. Golf R (VII) Cars
    Selling my MK7 Gold R. The car is modified with the following add-ons: Open to offers please DM me: 65,500 miles: Asking $28,500: 6 speed manual transmission DKM MS Clutch Kit Euro Tail lights from Germany VW Stage 2 GAIC tune Emmanuel Designs lowering springs CTS direct intercooler - DKM...
  10. Jetta VII
    Hey all, So before someone tells me to google this, I have, but my situation is semi unique so I just wanted some input. I am currently deployed overseas, and I shipped my new down pipe and MBRP exhaust to my father house while I'm gone so I can have it ready to install upon return. The...
  11. Golf R (VII) Parts
    Unmarried Accessport for GolfR Mk7 and Mk7.5. Only has Cobb OTS tunes. Comes with everything: Case, cord, AP, etc. Will ship for free, but am located in Houston if you want local pickup. Will add pics if requested. Asking $500
  12. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hey guys, I’m looking to try and squeeze some performance out of my 1.8tsi. I know APR has the stage 1 and was wondering if I would experience any slippage at that hp. I also wanted to know if 300hp is realistic in these things and how I can achieve that. Thanks guys!
  13. VW Motorsport
    I’m interested in tuning but don’t really wanna pay to play. Is there a way to download versions of Tuning software for free? 05’ AWP 1.8t 20v. Mk4 GTI. Bosch mono7.5 ecu
  14. The Volkswagen Lounge
    I’m looking to go stage 2 with my 2012 gli. Sadly it’s an auto but at this point in time I’d lose my ass if I sold it so I might as well make it fun right? Anyways I want to go stage 2. I have a borla cat back exhaust on it now. I’m looking at getting a hfc downpipe and an intake. I believe...
  15. The Volkswagen Lounge
    I've been looking for a tune for a little while now and ik there's a bunch of threads on it but I haven't seen one on this company before. just wondering if anyone has it and if so what your experiences are with it. I'm a little skeptical because its like $250 for the stage 1+ and also $250 for...
  16. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hey if anyone knows a way to reach these people as i’ve paid for a tune and they left my car immobilized with no support at all. I paid for the tune and they haven’t yet resolved the issue or responded to me on anything. Thanks for any help.
  17. Golf V & Jetta V
    Hi, so I am currently doing research for an upcoming stage 2 tune once I get my downpipe installed. 2008 GTI 2.0T FSI I got the stats from all the 'reputable' brands that I can think of and compared them to get a basic consensus on what to go with. My four companies are: Boosted Dynamics...
  18. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Looking to find the best reputable tune for 24v vr6 bdf. Its in my 04 jetta gli. I plan on getting an intake setup from swoops and dumptube but want to have the sai, o2 and all deleted. It has a 2.5” tt exhaust and i just want to open it up more. I had apr on my last 24v and it was okay, looking...
  19. Golf/GTI VII
    I've had Golfs for several years, and recently got myself a 6-speed Mk7.5 GTI. I'm interested in tuning it but have absolutely no idea where to start or even where to start learning. I know APR does good work, should I just go to an APR dealer and ask them for advice? I don't want to get sold on...
  20. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    06A 906 032 HS Immo defeated $200 plus shipping
1-20 of 83 Results