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  1. Lighting
    I have 2010 VW Jetta 2.5L. I just bought side mirror turn light signals on each side from the ebay and just changed it today. It properly works on ACC mode(car is not started) but when the car started, it works not properly. Is this normal? Or is there anything I have to do after installation...
  2. Jetta/GLI VI
    If your vehicle is like my 2017 Mk6.5, 1.4T Jetta, you probably don't have turn signal lamps on your mirrors. I've searched to see if anyone has made the swap from the trim model above it to see if it would work but have got little to no direct answers. Not even the VW dealership could tell me...
  3. CC
    Hey all, Bought a 2009 Passat CC 1.8 TSI and it's been great, but there is one small issue... The left side mirror turn signal seems to want to live it's own life. Sometimes working sometimes not, sometimes cuts out at will. I went to a mechanic and he saw that it was damaged so we changed it...
1-3 of 4 Results