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  1. Volkswagen News Blog
    The SEMA Show is certainly no stranger to the more extreme expressions of automotive design, modification and fabrication, and the Bus dreamt up by Utah street rod builders SKJ Customs is one of the more impressive undertakings at this year's event.  Powered by a supercharged flat four engine...
  2. Volkswagen News Blog
    Never underestimate the dedication of a Star Wars fan.  Armed with a measuring tape, a computer with some graphic design programs and about 50 hours of free time, Instructables community member 'mimaki cg60' has converted the family Bus into a rolling representation of Luke Skywalker's faithful...
  3. Volkswagen News Blog
    Reddit's chief export may be cat photos and memes, but every once in a while the users manage to post something that is pure gold.  Case in point is this completely homemade Volkswagen Bus bed made by Reddit user  which cost him roughly $100. Using a bit of ingenuity, pieces found on...
1-3 of 3 Results