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  1. Tiguan (MQB)
    Hello All, I recently purchased a 2022 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line. After driving on the highway I heard a loud crack and pop only to realize that the front facing camera lens was shattered due to a stone chip that went right through the center like a bullseye. No other stone chips anywhere on the...
  2. Volkswagen News Blog
    One month ago, former Hyundai Motor America sales vice president Derrick Hatami departed Hyundai and ended up in a similar role at Volkswagen of America : executive vice president for sales and marketing. Hatami moved into his new office on June 12, 2017. Less than two months from now, and two...
  3. Volkswagen News Blog
    The Volkswagen Brand today released the details of its plan for the next 14 years. The plan centers around electric vehicles, cost savings, and US market penetration. Like the VW Group’s Together 2025, the brand has named its plan Transform 2025+. It contains many promises about...
1-3 of 3 Results