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  1. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hi, i recently picked up a ccta stock k03 turbo for 100$ It was brand new they guy had removed as soon as he had his gti and put k04 so i got a really good steal no shaft play or nun, Anyway i Own a 2007 Bpy fsi and was wondering if it would fit on my mk5 gti,ive seem some threads saying that it...
  2. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi. just wondering I’ve been offered some Michelin X all season tires. Size is 205 / 70 / 15R for my Volkswagen Jetta 2012. They are using 195/65R15 at the moment. If I swap them and put them on my 15” rims will they be to big for the car or cause any damage?
  3. VW Motorsport
    Hey so I have a 2010 vw Jetta Wolfsburg edition 2.0 turbo. 5th vin digit A. I need a new engine and am having a rough time trying to find one. Is there any compatible engines of a different vin or some sort ?
  4. Volkswagen News Blog
    On Friday, Volkswagen Group announced the recall of 679,000 U.S. vehicles that could roll away due to an electrical problem. Apparently, silicate buildup can accumulate on the shift lever micro switch and trick the car into thinking the vehicle is in park. As a result, some customers might be...
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    Well, my bitterness about not being able to attend Worthersee has finally abated, and I'm ready to look at some pictures from the show. How about you? Our pal Jamie Orr was in Austria with his Citi Golf and a few American friends (more on that later this week) and kindly agreed to snap a couple...
  6. Volkswagen News Blog
    Although making your propulsion electric solves one of the problems presented by the altitude of Pikes Peak, it still only solves one of the problems. Aerodynamicists face serious problems at altitude because the air becomes less dense the higher up you go (that’s why naturally aspirated...
  7. Volkswagen News Blog
    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the manufacturer currently at the center of rampant speculation over a possible Chinese buyout and a spin-off of its Italian luxury brands , is reportedly in early talks with Volkswagen over the joint production of certain light utility vehicles. Volkswagen, which...
  8. Volkswagen News Blog
    Volkswagen's XL1 set out to create the first 1L consumption vehicle. With ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction, slippery aerodynamics and a ton of other engineering tricks, the XL1 shows what can be done in the name of economy. So the XL Sport seems to contradict that idea in some ways...
1-8 of 8 Results