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  1. The Car Lounge
    A while back we posted a picture comparing some fake parts we received from a vendor on our social media. This brought on a bunch of questions from people asking us how they can tell if they are getting fake parts. It inspired us to make this video, because educating the community is really...
  2. Golf/GTI VI
    We have been serving the Vortex community with VW Parts Online for 3 years now. 1 year ago we started the DAP Youtube channel where we work exceptionally hard to deliver value to the VW communtiy. If you have never heard of us take a look here to find our more about the Deutsche Auto Parts...
  3. Golf V & Jetta V
    http://www.deutscheautoparts.com/default.aspx Some of you may know who I am and others may not. My name is Paul and I got my start as the Parts Manager of Keffer VW. As the Parts Manager I started keffervwparts.com. I also worked very hard to engage the VW community and start a strong...
1-3 of 3 Results