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  1. Canadian Classifieds Parts
    Gently used factory roof rack for 2009-2017 VW CC. These cost $600+ CAD new. Includes wrench, manual, and 2 original plastic and foam installation aids. Asking $150 CAD (located in Toronto). Local pickup only (shipping is outrageous)
  2. CC
    Hello everybody! Glad to be on here after years of never joining ! Visit my Instagram (golfcatproduction) for pics and vids of my 2013 fortana red cc sport ! Can’t wait for the roasters
  3. CC
    Hi, wondering if it would be feasible to swap the 2.0t from my 2017 gti(auto, 6spd) into my 2010 cc sport(M6)..what should I know about this swap before seriously considering it? crashed the gti so obviously need to check for critical damage first, but they both have the 2.0t and so I am...
  4. CC Cars
    Selling my baby, wanting it to go to a good home. Bagged on Airlift 3p management cts Cold air intake Greddy muffler Wired for subs Someone come cash me out! Thanks for looking 🙏🏽🤙🏽
  5. Manual Transmission Forum
    I've searched both VW Vortex and my copy of the factory service manual to no avail. I have an O2Q 6-speed gearbox in my 2010 VW CC and I'm not sure about the service schedule and details for my transmission. I've heard the interval is 100k, but the manual seems to suggest it's a zero-service...
1-6 of 6 Results