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    Digging around photo archives from Audi AG that we have access to, we've uncovered two more shots of the Audi R8 GT. We've prepped both as wallpapers in high-resolution. Download them below. Wallpaper #1 Wallpaper #2
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    As mentioned, Audi UK hosted journalists at the track with both the new R8 GT and an example of the R8 LMS driven by Marino Franchitti. We've added a gallery of UK Audi R8 GT photos (some including the LMS) and have also uploaded several high-res and edited shots as wallpapers. View them below...
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    With all of the craziness of our trip last week to Los Angeles driving the quattro Concept we totally forgot to run this in the rotation. Our apologies. As with any new model launch, Audi AG has backed up its push of materials via media outlets with a secondary push on its German consumer...
1-3 of 3 Results