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  1. Golf V & Jetta V
    Hi, sorry if this issue was posted, but I didn't find anything on my search. The car is a Jetta Mk5 (2007), 1.9TDI BXE, european model. So, if the oil level is not on the max reading on the oil dipstick, the yellow "Check oil level" warning will display on the cluster. This warning appears also...
  2. Atlas SUV
    This thing drives me insane. In my 2021 Atlas.....whenever I am close to anything, music lowers in volume and starts beeping. Sometimes I am not even close to anything. The rost part is having to turn up my music again. Can I disable this? I've googled and checked the manual and can't find...
  3. Golf VII R
    Hi I purchased a Vw Golf R MK7 2015 and was previously damaged but repaired in the UK, and the airbag light is on and when I’ve done a scan it comes back with 23 fault codes (attached), I’ve had quotes to have the airbag module reset as the car doesn’t even equip 23 airbags and told not too sure...
1-3 of 3 Results