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    Located in Vermont, will ship at buyer's expense These wheels/tires have less than 1000 miles on them and are in perfect condition. They were used briefly on my vehicle for advertising purposes. Model: Watercooled IND MT10 PCD: 5x100 Bore: Not sure, but large. Includes hub centric rings for...
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    Update: We HIT the Group Buy!! I am going to allow orders to come in for another day or two then I will be sending in the orders to FK in Germany. I will end this group buy at the end of the day Wednesday. Please contact me now to get the group buy pricing NOW. Intro Like some of...
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    News We are working on a few projects, one being that we are creating 3 piece wheels. MSRP, sizing and options is still in the process but we have a few designs that are going to be going into production shortly. Introduction I'm going to make this real short and simple. We've been here for a...
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    Update We just added a whole new line of Headlight Bulbs for your Audi/VW. Available in Cool Blue, XtraVision, Silverstar, and Silverstar Ultra. 3500 Color Temperature - Cool Blue 3200 Color Temperature - XtraVision 4000 Color Temperature - Silverstar 4100 Color Temperature - Silverstar Ultra...
1-5 of 5 Results